Before and After Photos

Recently Free-LED completed a stunning renovation successfully upgrading 28 existing 1,000 watt metal halide (MH) fixtures in a public parking lots and driveways with 28 new 280 watt LED fixtures. The proposed LED fixtures would provide the improved site lighting that the advisory board was seeking, plus energy savings in a bright white light to match that provided by the, now previous, metal halide fixtures.


The new lighting installed utilized 28 American electric lighting 280 watt autobahn series LED lights. All fixtures have a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 4000K and color rendering index (CRI) of 70. All existing poles and pole locations were used. Pole heights are 30 feet.


  • Old Metal Halide System:

    • 28 – 1,000 watt (1,080 system watt) MH fixtures = 30,240 watts.

  • NEW LED System:

    • 28 – 280 watt LED area fixtures = 7,840 watts.

    • 74% reduction in energy usage related to outdoor lighting.

    • Enhanced the safety and security of students, faculty, and property.

    • LED lighting is direction – all lighting is directed towards the area to be illuminated

    • Minimized/eliminated light trespass

    • Greatly improved lighting uniformity (eliminated dark spots and hotspots)

    • Long fixture life and reduced maintenance requirements

    • Environmentally friendly (no hazardous materials to recycle; reduced energy usage lowers greenhouse gas emissions).

    • Instant on/no warm-up time.


At Glacier Ice Arena, Port Huron, MI. we replaced 400w metal halide High bay fixtures with 200w LED High bays using half of the energy and starting instantly. 



On this project at St. John Lutheran School in Rochester, MI we replaces existing 400w metal halide High bays with 200w LED High bays, the faculty was amazed that they don't have to wait for the lights to "warm up" any more. 



On this project at Midwest Steel in Detroit MI we replaced 400w High pressure sodium High bays with 200w LED High bays. The shop manager was very impressed with the new color of the lighting and loved that the "old humming" was gone.