LED Rebate Program

Step 1. Free-led will come out and do a free comprehensive analysis of your business and every lighting fixture both inside and out. 

Step 2. We analyze your current lighting scheme with the help of our program calculator to estimate any rebates you may receive for updating your lights to LED.

Step 3. After we determine the cost of upgrading your lights to LED, our software calculates the difference  you should expect monthly. 

Step 4. After the install your monthly Energy bill will drop immediately and you will begin to see the savings on your next (and every subsequent) energy bill. 

Step 5. For the next 36 months you’ll get a second bill from our partnered capital companies, this will be your “loan” that covered the cost for your complete LED upgrade.

Step 6. After 36 months your “loan” to cover the cost of upgrading your lights is paid off and you will continue in perpetuity to save money on your energy bills.